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Clean and Remove viruses or malware guaranteed

Antivirus Information

How will PC Shards provide assistance when I need your help after I’ve bought your antivirus service package?

Once you purchase our antivirus package we will install, setup and scan your system for any existing malware.  Once your systems checks clean our antivirus continually monitors your computer and will block and remove any infection in real-time.  However, in extreme cases we can remotely log into your system and perform manual tests should the antivirus fail to thoroughly remove any stubborn viruses.  In the case of a particular nasty infection, we would need to dissect your system in our shop. All of this is included in the cost of our antivirus so there is no need to worry if your system is temporarily out of commission.

How does an antivirus program protect my computer system?

Our antivirus stays up-to-date with the latest threats currently hitting the web.  The internet can be a dangerous place and new threats can appear out of nowhere so you definitely need a real-time monitoring system to protect you from the latest threats.  Again, what sets our antivirus apart is the fact you have a live technician on standby should anything go wrong with your system and all of our services are backed up with a 100% guarantee.

How long does it typically take to perform a virus removal?

It varies with the particular type of infection.  Some viruses and malware can infect your system registry and bury itself within other programs especially when downloading and installing from untrusted sources.  Which is why it’s important to only download software and programs from reputable sources. We have experience with finding and removing these stubborn bugs but each case is unique.  There are a number of factors depending on the severity of the infection that can affect the time it takes to thoroughly remove the virus. Some of which include the size of your hard drive, speed of your system and how serious of the infection.

For a more detailed and thorough explanation of what is a computer virus, Gonzalo Torres has put together a very comprehensive analysis.  It can be read here: https://www.avg.com/en/signal/what-is-a-computer-virus.

How does a virus get to my system and what can PC Shards do in case of an emergency?

One of the most common ways your system can get infected is by clicking on links sent to you via email.  Never open any attachments or for that matter click on any untrusted links especially from spam email sources.  This is a very easy way for a potential hacker to gain control of your system and worse, then possibly infect your entire network.  Your system and network can even be infected without you even knowing. In emergency situations we will lock down your system and immediately remove it from the network.  We will then manually go into different areas of your system and registry to inspect and remove any threats or infections. This is the main difference to consider when purchasing an antivirus, with ours, you are also receiving dedicated and trained computer technicians who will manually go into your machine and do what it takes to remove the infection.  This can get costly as with other antivirus this is normally an additional service you must purchase in the case of your system going down. Ours manual removal service is included when you purchase our antivirus and we will not charge you additional fees plus we guarantee our work.

In an extreme case of having to perform a full data recovery, we guarantee at least a 95% recovery rate of your lost data.  By request, we can also setup an automated backup of your entire hard drive however, for the normal home user this isn’t necessary.

How soon can I have a PC Shards onsite technician to my home or business to remove a virus?

Most of your computer issues can be resolved without you leaving your seat. Our technician can connect to your computer and troubleshoot remotely.

Customer Reviews

I had several viruses on my laptop and was trying to find somewhere to take it for repair that wasn’t over priced. When I saw the reviews for PC-Shards, I thought I’d give them a call. The owner Justin was really easy to talk to over the phone and set up a time to come pick up my laptop from my house. He worked very fast to wipe all of the viruses off of it and when he returned the laptop he sat down with me and explained to me how to maintain my laptop and showed me how to recover the thousands of files that had been hidden by the viruses. A couple days later he contacted me to make sure everything was going well with my laptop and even helped me with some issues I was having with firefox. He is an awesome guy and great to work with. I am recommending him to everyone I know and will always give him a call if I ever need computer help.

Dennis J.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

When my laptop started acting up, I figured that it was a simple glitch. Little did I know that it was a full-fledged virus that wouldn’t even allow me to use my computer. Justin took the time and effort to get it back to me fixed within a few days, and I couldn’t thank him enough. Great staff and great service.

Jason M.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

I was in a panic… yikes, I lost everything… Dell came and replaced my hard drive but told me that nothing could be recovered… I call PC Shards and within minutes he called me back.  He came over that night and took my fried hard drive and my new one and the very next day, he called and had recovered it all… he fixed the virus on the computer before transfer and brought it back… whew… he is a superman when it comes to computers…. CALL HIM!!!!!!

Joanne D.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

PCshards helped out when my computer was acting up. He actually found a trojan hidden very deep in my computer which others couldn’t find. Very professional! Great service and will return!

Chad S.

(Rating: 5 of 5)