Frequently Asked Questions

How will PCShards provide assistance when I need help after I’ve purchased PCShards antivirus service package?

Once you purchase our antivirus package we will install, setup, and scan your system for any existing malware.  Once your systems check clean, our antivirus continually monitors your computer and will block and remove any infection in real-time.  However, in extreme cases we can remotely log into your system and perform manual tests should the antivirus fail to thoroughly remove any stubborn viruses.  In the case of a particular nasty infection, we would need to dissect your system in our shop. All of this is included in the cost of our antivirus.

How does an antivirus program protect my computer system?

PCShards antivirus stays up-to-date with the latest threats currently hitting the web.  The internet can be a dangerous place, and new threats can appear out of nowhere, so you definitely need a real-time monitoring system to protect you from the latest threats.  What sets our antivirus apart is the fact you have experienced technicians available during business hours should your system get infected, at no additional charge. Our services are backed with a 100% guarantee.

How long does it typically take to perform a virus removal?

It varies with the particular type of infection.  Some viruses and malware can infect your system registry and bury itself within other programs especially when downloading and installing from untrusted sources.  Which is why it’s important to only download software and programs from reputable sources. We have experience with finding and removing these stubborn bugs, but each case is unique.  There are a number of factors depending on the severity of the infection that can affect the time it takes to thoroughly remove the virus. Some of which include the size of your hard drive, speed of your system, and how serious of the infection.

How soon can I have a PCShards onsite technician to my home or business to remove a virus?

Most of your computer issues can be resolved without you leaving your seat. Our technician can connect to your computer and troubleshoot remotely.

How does a virus get into my system, and what can PCShards do in case of an emergency?

One of the most common ways your system can get infected is by clicking on links sent to you via email.  Never open any attachments or click on any untrusted links.  This is a very easy way for a potential hacker to gain control of your system and possibly infect your entire network.  Your system and network can even be infected without you knowing. In emergency situations, we will lock down your system and immediately remove it from the network.  We will then manually go into different areas of your system and registry to inspect and remove any threats or infections. This is the main difference to consider when purchasing antivirus software – with ours, you are also receiving dedicated and trained computer technicians who will manually go into your machine and do what it takes to remove the infection.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • review rating 5  My Dell was running so slow and sluggish. It also would just blackout. Out of desperation I took it to PCShards thinking that I would need a new computer and they could help me transfer files before it dies. Instead, they cleaned it up - and it is running wonderfully! The cost was reasonable and the technician was helpful. I will definitely go to them again.

    thumb Otchmx
  • review rating 5  I love the communication - straight and too the point - no BS. They know their stuff and did a great job on upgrading my laptop. It has never worked this good - ever- not even when I first got it. I gave them the tough job of tackling transferring my enormous amount of email to a new format and they did it no problem. Awesome service and very professional! Highly recommend and will use again! Thanks Justin!

    thumb Danielle Gibala
  • review rating 5  Great, fast service! Thanks Ed for repairing my computers! I would recommend pcshards to anyone who needs repairs fast!

    thumb Rose Sambou
  • review rating 5  Justin and his techs were fabulous! After a weekend of sleeplessness and bleak outlook reported by Staples tech services, I found PCShards, Justin Nayes. He was able to take my information from my laptop that I was told was lost and rebuild my computer. I am forever grateful for his vast knowledge and excellent service. I now have an IT tech team for my small business that I can trust to understand and manage my business IT needs.

    thumb Lisa Bont
  • review rating 5  Terrific staff and expert repair. I've brought in two separate computers and they always listen, ask great questions and get my pc's back to me quickly and in perfect working order. No problems and no surprises. Highly recommend.

    thumb Tom Balog