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How can I keep my system processing and running fast?

The common misconception most users make is that “filling up” your hard drive slows your machine down.  This is hardly accurate. The correlation between filling your machine up, is tied to how many programs you install over the course of time.  Referring to my previous comment about having too many things in startup. A lot of the computers we get in have 50% resources available after a startup.  Spiking CPU usage, most of memory already allocated, heavy hard drive load. We clear out programs that are rogue (malware, viruses, bloatware), unnecessary to start with Windows, defrag (if it’s mechanical), run through updates, drivers, etc.  We nearly always recommend upgrading the hard drive to a SSD to expand the life of any units, as it’s more affordable than purchasing a new machine (that may or may not have one) and it saves you the headache of having to reload all of your programs, transfer your data, reconfigure things the way you like them.  Our standard full repair in that case is called a clone. Where we take a snapshot of your current hard drive, and dump it intact onto a solid state and then maintenance. Resulting in a huge increase in speed (averaging a startup time of 8-15 seconds on the high end). This improves performance across the board.

Hardware Repair and Upgrades

Can you describe different types of hardware issues related to computers?

One of the most common computer issues is a hardware device failure, when taking the time to diagnose these issues you want trained professionals who are able to quickly go  through each component in the system and run a multi-pass test system in order to ensure that each piece of the system is working at the qualified capacity that is expected to create a functioning computing system. Sometimes as the result of a computer hardware issue the user may end up being in a situation where something is broken or non-functioning and may face an array of usability issues that are related to one component failure. Often times the picture is more clear and the computer may not want to start after an electrical storm shorted out a local power transformer. A variety of issues may exist from the computer not wanting to start or when some other device on the motherboard has some kind of problem.

How will the repair work be done if it is complex or will need a part?

As long as your motherboard, video, and power supply are still functioning correctly your computer will turn on. If there is some form of data corruption or obvious virus present, it is recommended to keep the computer off until a trained technician can do a data recovery and repair service to protect and recovery as much as possible and get the machine back up and running. Other reasons could include a specific driver conflict through multiple pieces of software, or even possible SMART failures and indications on the main hard drive component.

Most pieces of a computer can be repaired or even upgraded if they malfunction and need to be serviced.

The more powerful the calculations to render the pixels and shaders inside of a program space which defines some form of rendering or output the more demand is necessary from the base physical computer system that operates it.

High-definition is the common reason for adding video card components to your computer, you could be needing this for the following reasons:

  • Gaming and casting
  • Picture and Video editing and processing

Standard outputs of modern systems allow for various resolution and frame rate settings depending on the kind of monitor being used to deliver the programs display. Most computer chips can perform some level of video calculations however modern systems simply use another more dedicated channel to do a higher level of mathematics and output much higher frame rates and resolutions than the standard base set of Intel or AMD assembly operations.

Computer manufactors such as NVIDIA or AMD and Intel and all retailers such as MSI or ASUS have a massive selection of performance based cards with various settings, sizes and configurations. Knowing which one that your computer has or needs is something our trained technicians can assist you with.

If you have a broken video card, screen or monitor we can quickly help you repair this and get you a recommendation about getting your system up and running as quick as possible. Give us a call today!

You might need to add or repair components that may exist on the front panel or the case of the computer and there could be space for a:

  • All-In-One or some card chip reader
  • All-In-One or some burner
  • Custom components such as legacy hard disks

Another common reason for wanting an upgrade would be if you were looking to increase your storage space. Computers have multiple forms of storage, this comes in the form of various access times and data caches. Increasing the total capacity of data storage on a device depends on the number of disk slots available inside of the casing. For example, a newer laptop will only provide a sizing for one mini SATA style mount and a few fixed positions filled with various RAM chips. Each computer has a limit as to what kind of equipment it can hold and being able to determine if your computer is eligible for affordable and sensible upgrades is typically dependent on the motherboard and the physical space surrounding and housing your unit. 

We are experienced with providing you options and recommendations based upon what you tell us the system is for.  We are not in the business for overselling and will assemble a quote prior to any work being done. So if your home computer is being clunky or has out right stopped working for some reason, or if you are requesting an upgraded part, or if you want an entire rebuild and upgraded system, we are highly skilled with these services and backup our work with a 100% guarantee.

Hardware Failure and Recovery

How can you address and assist my business in case of a hard drive or hardware failures?

Raid failures, logical and physical.  People always go for Raid 1 thinking it protects them when in actuality the standard loadouts from Dell have extra fail points (Raid card, 2x hard drives).  If one drive has data corruption, the other gets it as well in a mirrored setup. The only time Raid saves the day is if a drive fails outright, and that is not common.  It usually deteriorates over time. The other common failure is Raid 5, though that usually falls on the user for not monitoring the server. When a drive in the array fails, if you don’t have a spare ready and aren’t keeping tabs on the server.  The next could go. In a 4 drive raid 5 setup, 2 failures = catastrophic data loss. Raid is also significantly more difficult to recover data from.

One of my more tricky repairs would be a million $ autoclave with a an XP controller had a motherboard failure.  The company had no software to reinstall the controller interface and no way of getting that software. I ended up extracting the data from the drive and creating an image.  Deployed it to a virtual machine, matched the hardware (XP is finicky about hardware to get it to boot), and got it running again to control the clave. Saving the company ~80k for a new controller.

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Customer Reviews

Excellent and quick service, great prices.  I lost an entire hard drive and PCShards was able to recover all the lost data in just a few days.  Very happy!

Jenny B.
(Rating: 5 of 5)

While in panic mode due to my inoperable computer and losing ALL my work files, I searched for a computer repair company in the area and called Justin @ PCShards LLC.    I could not believe how fortunate I was to have found the BEST of the BEST !!! Finally, someone you can trust! He repaired my computer and recovered all of my files (a year’s worth of work) !!    All of this within 24 hours besides!!! I couldn’t have been happier with his service and will not use anyone else. Thank you, Justin!! I really do think you’re the best and so glad to have met you!

Christine Q.
(Rating: 5 of 5)

So happy with the  service they performed for my computer problem.   My concerns about being without my computer while it was being worked on were taken seriously.   Information from my hard drive from my desk top (that stopped working) was transferred to the lap top.  Highly recommend them. Great service.

Willa J. W.
(Rating: 5 of 5)

My new laptop crashed and Justin was very helpful in trying to retrieve the data and didn’t even charge me when he could not.  I ended up having him look at my old laptop as well, which I thought was dead. He fixed my old laptop; improved my newer one and now I have two working laptops.  The new one is now better than ever and super fast!! He is VERY helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone that needs help.

Wendy B.
(Rating: 5 of 5)

Justin spent a lot of time on the phone answering all my questions and suggested a possible risk free solution to fix my computer problem. All free of charge. Unfortunately that didn’t do the trick, but it was definitely worth trying. When he came over to take a closer look, he was able to find the problem. He worked on it over the weekend, keeping me fully up to date with his progress and recommendations. On getting it back, it ran faster, cooler and better than before. Next time you have a computer problem, give Justin a call. Your computer will definitely be in good hands.

Paul G.
(Rating: 5 of 5)