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All Services are 100% guaranteed. Should we not be able to assist you, there will be absolutely no charge.

2-3 business day turn around on most services, and expedited repairs are available.

Free Diagnostics on Laptop and Computer Repairs or Services

Antivirus, Virus Removal and Maintenance

    • Scan and removal of all infections from desktops, laptops, pc’s and Mac’s
    • Maintenance and performance tweaking is included in all virus removals
    • We take your data very seriously and provide all safe guards to protect it. We do not consider “Wiping” or “Formatting” a machine an answer to virus removal unless under extreme circumstances.
    • Unlimited removal and cleaning included with our professional antivirus software.

Why should I consider purchasing your antivirus as opposed to another leading antivirus brand?

The main difference is hassle, pricing, and technical support.  We save you the hassle of trying to figure things out yourself with utilizing a boot disk and creating an ISO in the case of being infected with malware.  It can get very confusing not to mention risky if you don’t do something right and at the risk of data loss, you should consider leaving this to a professional who has experience with these matters.  You can pay well over $50 for just one removal of a nasty bug. All virus, malware, spyware support and removal services are included when you purchase our antivirus. Even though your current antivirus says it stays up-to-date on all the leading viruses there are new malware released practically everyday so it pays to have the comfort of knowing you have a personal live-technician on standby should anything go wrong with your system.

Again, all of our services are backed with 100% guarantees and this includes all virus, malware and spyware related services and support.

Computer Repair

If you purchased a laptop or computer through Bestbuy or other retail locations odds are your system could be tweaked as it is typical for these systems to have what is referred to as bloatware.  These are processes and applications that designed to automatically start upon system startup and they continuously run in the background eating up your systems resources. Bloatware removal can be tricky and can mess up your systems registry if not done correctly.  We offer free Diagnostics to check your system for these unnecessary processes and applications and can either remove them completely or stop them from tying up your resources. We do not recommend tweaking your system or attempting to remove a process as some processes are necessary for proper system function and you could end up accidentally causing damage if something gets removed that shouldn’t be removed.  

Common computer services we provide are:

  • PC Repairs
      • Hard Drives
      • Power Supplies
      • Memory
    • CD/DVD Roms
  • Laptop and Mac Repairs
      • Hard Drives
      • Screen Replacement
      • Power Jacks
      • Keyboard Replacement
      • Batteries
    • Power Adapters
  • Maintenance and Updates
      • Upgrading to Windows 10, we handle all issues regarding upgrading your machine to the latest Windows
      • System Tweaks
    • Bloatware Removal

How much can you save me building a typical machine as opposed to buying retail?

Today’s market is very saturated when it comes to being able to deliver and produce a packaged machine that competes with companies like ASUS, Dell, HP, and Gateway and there are many existing markets and communities for refurbished, factory part retail, hobbyists and all sorts of new gadgets and geek tech. We stay up to date on what is essential to your home or office day to day and can provide you with your dream computer that suits your needs and is delivered with the level of professionalism and service that you would expect out of a quality custom build.

Building a machine through us is not cheaper than going to Costco and picking one up, at least not up front.  We only build down to a certain level, as we take reliability and speed seriously. Using high end parts, all of our builds come standard with a 3-year hardware warranty and our Antivirus for the year included.  When you buy cheap, you get cheap. We target parts with high track records for reliability, long warranties, and speed. Did I mention speed? Our average start time on even our lowest end builds is ~6-8 seconds.  On some of our higher end builds we’ve gotten windows to start in less than 3 seconds, shutdown in 1. We do stability and burn-in tests on all of our builds to ensure stability. Burn-in is also known as a stress test.

Yes we have remote support, which is also deployed on our machines to assist with printers, networking issues, etc when the machine is picked up.  It’s fully encrypted, the password is randomly generated on each run, and only the end user has that password (which is why remote requires a phone call for our non-business clients).

There are no packages at this time, but we know the questions to ask to determine needs and can offer recommendations to build to your requirements.  The core of our systems is generally on the higher end, with the expectation of the machine to endure 10 years minimum, and support upgrades to do so.  In the last 20 years (technically 26) if you count my first builds, we’ve had 2 that have failed outright (not worth repairing). One was 17 years old, and the other 14.  Both were of the lower end builds at the time.

In the last decade, every machine built is still in play, and still functional (well over the hundred’s).  We recently got a batch of our old builds back in, as a company is moving to Windows 10 and wanted to just have us build bleeding edge ones.  All 4 machines (the used ones), ranging from 5-7 years old, have been updated and loaded with Windows 10 (for testing purposes) and they are scorching fast.


Setting up a network can be both time consuming and tedious.  We have the expertise and knowledge to quickly setup a custom network that is fitted to your specifications.  Some of the services related to setting up a network we offer are:

  • Security and wireless encryption
  • FIle sharing data between computers within your network
  • Encrypting and or password locking specific file folders, restrictive access to data
  • Selective user privileges to data and file folder locations
  • Printer sharing between all your computers and devices
  • USB and Legacy printers support
  • Print sharing across network

Backup/Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Automated backup and disaster recovery rotations/configuration for one or more computers.
  • Cloud services available.
  • Image, cloning available (backs up current operating system and settings, not just files and personal data).
Most of your computer issues can be resolved without you leaving your seat. Our technician can connect to your computer and troubleshoot remotely.

Customer Reviews

My computer was in despair, i had originally taken it to 2 different computer places in hopes on finding out why my computer was running so slow. Here at PC Shards the owner had a clearer understanding that it wasn’t a software issue, as the previous 2 places thought it was, but a common hardware issue. My hard drive wasn’t reading correctly causing the slowness of the Laptop. It only took a few days for the new part to come in and be installed. A free diagnostic showed that there were no viruses and my laptop was good to go! Thank you Justin for all of your help. My computer has been running perfectly and is finally fast again.

Tori P.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

I spent a few fruitless hours on the phone with Dell trying to resolve my computer problem.  I called PC Shards based on the reviews that I read. John arrived and solved my problem quickly and efficiently.  He also improved some areas where I was unaware of deficiencies in my system. I have them on auto-dial now and will call them when I have problems in the future.  They really deserve the five star rating !!

Ed G.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

Justin is a wizard and does what other IT guys cant!  Had a laptop basically die on me, contacted my usual IT person who admitted defeat after a week and told me to send the hard drive in to a place that specializes in hard drive recovery.  Looking for a local hard drive recovery company, I seen PC Shards and their INCREDIBLE reviews. Called them and two rings in the owner Justin answered the phone. Explained the problem, brought in the laptop and was told the same day he’s already recovering the data that my other guy couldn’t touch.  He made the laptop work better than when I first got it, recovered all data and was reasonable with his pricing. I got a new IT guy!
Daniel L.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

I have been to PCShards twice now and plan on going back in the future for any computer service needs! The first time I was there, my laptop was literally splitting into two pieces. I was given the advice that it would not be worth it to fix it due to the computer’s age, but was provided with a temporary fix for FREE! I was just back there this week with some more issues  with my new laptop and they have fantastic customer service! I was given an estimate of 2-3 days, but ended up getting it back within 24 hours. Justin even checked in a few days later to make sure that everything is going okay. I love their flat rate fee too (not including new parts). If you have any computer repair needs, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND PCSchards!!!
Ellen S.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

I highly recommend PCShards for any computer/laptop repairs. Justin is extremely intelligent & has a great personality.  He explained everything he will do to fix my laptop & how much the repairs will cost.

My laptop was upgraded to a solid state drive & Justin fixed some software issues. My laptop was back within a day!  Highly satisfied with the results.

Ellen S.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

Was able to save all of my data and fix issues with the mess that is the Microsoft Creators Update.

Jeff S.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

I highly recommend this company for all computer issues. They recently brought my 7 yr old PC back to life. Their price was very fair & it was ready in just a couple of days. I dealt with Justin (the owner) and his associate, Jim. Both of them are super nice. It’s the kind of place where you leave knowing you definitely got what you paid for…. and more. There are other computer repair places closer to me but I am definitely a PC Shards customer for life.

Thank you guys for such a positive experience!

Dee J.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

I had the solid-state drive in my Dell 2-in-1 upgraded from 256 GB to 512 GB. PCShards did it much faster than I would’ve imagined and for the amount agreed upon. All of my computer work will be going through them and I will recommend them to others.

Robert T.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

Justin spent a lot of time on the phone answering all my questions and suggested a possible risk free solution to fix my computer problem. All free of charge. Unfortunately that didn’t do the trick, but it was definitely worth trying. When he came over to take a closer look, he was able to find the problem. He worked on it over the weekend, keeping me fully up to date with his progress and recommendations. On getting it back, it ran faster, cooler and better than before. Next time you have a computer problem, give Justin a call. Your computer will definitely be in good hands.
Paul G.

(Rating: 5 of 5)

When I upgraded my Windows XP to Windows 7, I couldn’t access my wifi because of a problem with the drivers.  Justin found the problem within seconds over the phone, and had me up and running in just a few minutes. He has helped my family through so many computer emergencies including crashed hard drives, viruses, broken screens, and countless other problems.  He really knows his stuff, and his rates are so reasonable! I can’t speak highly enough for Justin and PC Shards! Thanks guys!
Jan P.

(Rating: 5 of 5)