6035 26 Mile, Washington Township, 48094

All Services are 100% guaranteed. Should we not be able to assist you, there will be absolutely no charge.

2-3 business day turn around on most services, and expedited repairs are available.

Free Diagnostics


Virus Removal

  • Scan and removal of all infections from laptops, pc’s and Mac’s
  • Maintenance/performance tweaking is included in all virus removals
  • We take your data very seriously, and provide all safe guards to protect it. We do not consider “Wiping” or “Formatting” a machine an answer to virus removal unless under extreme circumstances.
  • Unlimited Removal/Cleaning included with our Professional Antivirus Software.

Data Recovery

  • Recovery from failed systems, or failing hard drives. 95% or greater recovery rate guaranteed.

Computer Repair

  • PC Repairs such as Hard Drive, Power Supplies, Memory, cd/dvd roms, etc
  • Laptop Repairs such as Hard Drive, screen replacement, power jacks, keyboard replacement, batteries, power adapters, etc


  • Security/wireless encryption
  • File sharing between your networked computers
  • Printer sharing between all your computers/devices (USB and Legacy printers support print sharing across networks).

Backup/Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Automated backup and disaster recovery rotations/configuration for one or more computers.
  • Cloud services available.
  • Image/cloning available (backs up current operating system and settings, not just files and personal data).
Most of your computer issues can be resolved without you leaving your seat. Our technician can connect to your computer and troubleshoot remotely.

Customer Reviews

Great staff and great service.
When my laptop started acting up, I figured that it was a simple glitch. Little did I know that it was a full-fledged virus that wouldn’t even allow me to use my computer. Justin took the time and effort to get it back to me fixed within a few days, and I couldn’t thank him enough.
Jason Miller
(Rating: 5 of 5)
Refreshing change
Very knowledgeable, polite and helpful. Willing to both solve problems and offer advice on how to approach them yourself, for those who have the ability. A refreshing change in service philosophy from big computer store service departments.
(Rating: 5 of 5)