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Cloud Services

  • Google apps reseller
  • Dropbox and Google Drive hosting
  • MS OneDrive
  • Spideroak
  • Datto

Why should I consider a switch to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive?

Dropbox:  Long term retention, easy to use.  Business class has 1-year retention on deleted files. 

Google Drive:  Widely supported, allows browser based excel, word, powerpoint quick edits as well as saves/creation.  Easy sharing for collaboration.

Onedrive: Ties into office 365 well, also supports web based access and on the fly changes/creation.  Easy sharing for collaboration.

Spideroak: Helps satisfy requirement for compliance with NIST 800-171, one of the most securely encrypted cloud file sharing resources on the market.  Edward Snowden, “Spideroak encrypts the data while it’s on your computer, as opposed to only encrypting it “in transit” and on the company’s servers.”

All price points are pretty much the same.  Google Apps includes Drive, Office365 includes Onedrive.   Onedrive is now required for autosave features on office 2016 as well.

Any questions about the differences between the services can be answered by our trained staff and we can help your weigh your options when deciding the best path and plans for the right cost.

We are a certified reseller and offer the service of eliminating the setup hassle for these services.  For more information on these products check out our affiliates:

Email Hosting/Website Hosting

  • Chicago Based Server Host
  • Offsite/Onsite Email hosting

Why host servers in Chicago?

Centralized, not prone to natural disasters.  Web hosting uptime and speed matters, thats why we have our hosting servers located in Chicago.  The majority of Level 1’s (Backbones of the internet) run through Chicago.  In comparison to say, New York, it’s less congested as well.

While places like Atlanta are less congested than Chicago, if you were to send data from Atlanta, to say Dallas or LA, it would need to route through Chicago regardless.  For Michigan it’s only a few hops to hit Chicago, resulting in lower latency and stability. It’s also why Chicago hosts charge a premium.

What is latency and in what cases is it more important to lower latency?

Latency is a delay between data packets from and to any location.  The slower the transfer (or receipt) the longer the delay. When you open a website, it first has to resolve that website’s IP address.  The faster that resolution happens (through data packets) the faster then true destination can be determined. The time of any packet/data’s roundtrip determines how fast a website and its content loads for an end user.  Take for an example a standard ping (simple hello packet).

If I was to send a hello packet to a Chicago destination, the return time for me averages shown here:

hello packet 1

Now If I was to send one transatlantic for example to London, notice the time response, nearly double or triple.

hello packet 2

I’m considering moving our current email hosting offsite, how secure is it and how long is a typical setup?  What is involved and included in onsite hosting?

All of this varies on data sizes.  The process is painless, regardless of the current system it’s hosting.  Security varies on deployment and what options are selected. For example, Google Apps and Office 365 can be hardened in a way that 2fa can be implemented, notifications on suspicious login activity, audit tracking, etc.  It varies on requirements. Both can be HIPAA compliant with the proper configuration. More technical security requirements increase deployment times. With enough prep work though, cutover can be minimal downtime (<2 hours, no loss of mail).  I generally charge per mailbox 5gb or larger. With a base fee on the prep, configuration, user creation and DNS/MX records setup. Aliases and groups would be configured during that time as well. Size matters though, time is mostly on the transfers/migrations.  Setup time is much shorter. To put it in perspective. A 30 user company may take 4-5 hours to setup, but 5 days to migrate. Migrations can be done in batches though, where the cutover doesn’t happen until the bulk of the mail, or all of it, is already at the new location.

Security wise, off-hosting has more options available than the average in-house setup, as most IT will not implement the additional features that tie into exchange for auditing and such.  Also most companies won’t fork over the additional money for 2FA support in-house.

Maintenance and Repair

  • Performance Tweaking, Clean up, Virus Removal
  • Hardware Repairs
  • Computer Builds, Upgrades
  • Windows 10 Updates

What are a few factors that can affect your system not functioning up to par?

Virus/Infection or too many services running with Windows that are not used.  As people install programs, the majority of them want to stay in your startup.  Let’s take a legit program like Skype. After you install it, it will constantly start with Windows, whether you are using it or not.  Which eats up resources, such as ram and memory. When technicians refer to maintenance, one of the steps is to find these programs, and remove them from startup, to free up resources on a cold boot.  You can still use the programs, they just do not need start with Windows every time. Viruses fall under this category as well, since they run on startup, and can range from heavy resource usage to minor.  If an antivirus program struggles to remove a virus, it’s a double whammy, as it will work harder (using more resources) to constantly try to remove it.

A system out of date, or not up to the latest patches can also run slow for previously addressed issues.

Mechanical drives are also extremely slow.  Hardware has moved fast in terms of technology, processor, ram, etc.  People however, do not pay attention to hard drive speeds. The 3 factors that have the most impact on a computer’s performance are the processor, the ram, and the hard drive.  The VAST majority of the machines we get in that run slow are nearly always due to the hard drive. People constantly looked at size, not performance. Mechanical drives are cheap, and prone to failure/impact damage.  SSD’s (Solid States) are pricey, but given you the biggest bang for your buck on performance. In a lot of cases nearly 7-8x the speed. A machine that boots in 2 minutes from a mechanical, can boot in 10-15 seconds with an SSD and have an extremely low fail rating depending on the brand.  I’d go as far as to say, an 7 yr old machine with a 2nd generation Intel processor and an SSD, will outperform a brand new, 8th generation processor without one.  Many people feel they need an upgrade after 3-4 years that went with mechanicals, when in reality, by upgrading their machine with an SSD would breath another 5 years into the machine (running better than day one by a long shot).  SSD’s also do not fragment, so defragging and several maintenance tasks no longer apply.

Lastly.  Companies like Dell, Toshiba, HP, install a TON of apps on new machines that are proprietary software for their device.  The majority of those apps do nothing for the experience, and Windows natively handles all the tasks they “claim” to do. Resulting in bloatware on your machine the day you buy it.  A computer can run perfectly fine without any of these “features” which is why we refer to it as bloatware. The last HP I worked on had 16 apps installed from HP, most of them running on startup.  Not a single one was needed for any task a user would need.

Disaster Recovery implementation

  • Server Storage Systems
  • Power or Data Redundancy for 99.9% Uptime.

Network and Consulting Services

  • Workgroup or Domain Setups
  • Network Printers, Network Folder Sharing
  • VPN Access, Remote Access

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Customer Reviews

Always top priority PCshards has been keeping our home and business computers and associated devices up and running for several years. On a personal level Justin (the owner) always returns phone calls /emails (if he does not answer directly) so you never need worry that you will be ignored or your issues put on the bottom of the pile.


(Rating: 5 of 5)

Highly recommended! We contacted PCShards for help with going paperless in our office. The issues that we were having with the setup we had were making me crazy. Justin came in and in a matter of an hour he had everything up and running. Recently my software crashed and after talking to the software vendor I thought I had lost two days’ worth of data; I called Justin and he had everything on backup.


(Rating: 5 of 5)

I have been a costumer since 2010 and nothing but good things to say about the support this company provided. They have always been there until the job is done allowing our production to remain steady. Thanks again PC Shards.
Richard M.
(Rating: 5 of 5)
Our company had our server go down unexpectedly. Justin came in on an emergency & was able to replace our hard drive & have us back up in less then 24 hours. He then made recommendations & was able to improve our IT so that we would not have this problem again with an automatic mirrored backup at a minimal charge for the service. Could not be happier with the service & cost. I recommend him to any home or commercial situation in need. His experience & knowledge far surpasses any IT consultants we have utilized in the past.
Camil E.
(Rating: 5 of 5)
PC Shards is by far the best! Quick friendly service! As a technical business in the Aerospace industry I rely on PC Shards for all of my computer support needs.
William C.
(Rating: 5 of 5)
Great company.  My office computers and network were a mess, they came in built me a new server and several other desktops and upgraded my other machines.  They got my office computers in Vegas networked to my server in Michigan, and even fixed my email on my cell phone to sync with my server, now everything is working in perfect harmony !! Great customer service.
Joe B.
(Rating: 5 of 5)
Justin was very knowledgeable and helped when the main computer for our business crashed.  He went above and beyond to ensure that the computer was not only fixed, but fixed quickly.  He picked it up hours after I called and returned it the very next day, as good as new. It could have been so much worse had it not been for Justin.
Bobby M.
(Rating: 5 of 5)