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Maintenance & Repairs

Why toss it when you can

Upgrade Your Computer

Computer running slow? Don’t let someone talk you into buying an expensive replacement. Machines can usually be configured and upgraded to perform significantly faster.  Sometimes much faster than when they were new. Through proper maintenance and upgrades we can help you stretch the life of your investment. If you are having issues with system instability, blue screening, not powering on, etc. we have experience fixing it.  We handle nearly all PC, laptop, and Mac repairs.


Do you have an old machine that you want to run like new? We can take your old computer and transform it for an industry low rate. We can significantly speed up boot times and system performance.


Maintenance and Updates

Leave the updates to us! We handle all updates to your machine to keep it running smoothly. This includes Windows updates, tweaks, and bloatware removal.

Our Computer Repairs Include

Hard Drive Replacements

Your hard drive is the component most likely to fail in your computer. In fact, it’s usually not a case of if your hard drive will fail, but when. If your computer is lagging often, slow or failing to boot, slow to load programs, or making strange noises, your hard drive is failing. But a failed hard drive doesn’t mean you need a whole new computer. We can replace your hard drive and make your computer run like new.

Screen Repairs

Screen Replacements

Is your screen broken, damaged or cracked, or does it have dead pixels and lines?  Maybe the picture sharpness is reduced, or the backlight is not working. Don’t worry. We are experts in replacing laptop or Mac screens and offer reasonable prices to replace it.

Computer Repair

Miscellaneous Repairs

& Motherboard Replacements

Is your computer running slower than it should? Do you have to wait for what seems like forever to open a website or file? We’ve got you. Not only do we offer motherboard replacements, we can also repair any of your miscellaneous computer needs from keyboards, hinges, batteries, and much more! 

Keyboard Replacements

We can help with your keyboard issues! Whether you spilled a can of soda on your keyboard, a few keys are sticking, they’re inputting the wrong letters, it’s repairable. We know that even the highest quality keyboards can fail. We have the replacement solutions you need.