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Data Recovery

Failing Hardware or Infection? We Can

Restore Your Important Data

PCShards takes data very seriously. We incorporate all the tools at our disposal to attempt to restore your data whether from failing hardware, an infection, or an accidental deletion. Backups are always the best course of action, however, most data is still recoverable if there isn’t one. Our data recovery is only billed if we are successful.

Data Recovery

We have a multitude of options in recovering your lost data.  If for some reason your data is non-recoverable there is no charge to you. By request, we can set up an automated backup of your entire hard drive, image cloning, or cloud services. Our service includes data transfers, clones and images. Our failing hard drive recovery services include:

  • Clicking, whirring or grinding noises
  • Scratched or damaged drives
  • Stuck motor
  • Environmental damage (water damaged or fire burned drives)
  • Accidental file deletion or missing files
  • Infected drives